Chittaurgarh Rajasthan

Chittaurgarh is India's largest fort and the heroic symbol of the Rajput warriors. Thousands of soldiers gave their lives in order to save this fort.In 1303 Alauddin Khilji was the first person who attacks on the Chittaurgarh.The fort is surronded by 180 meter high.ThisFort is surronded with several historical monuments like kirti Stumb and Khumba Shyam Temple etc. Although Chittor is attributed to Bappa Rawal,it is the earliest fort in Rajasthan. Chittaurgarh was the home of Princess Padmini, one of the most romantic figures in Indian history.
Area: 6.5 sq km
Temperature: Summer Max 43.8 C Min 23.8 C / Winter Max 28.3 C Min 11.6 C
Language: Rajasthani, English, Hindi.
Population: 84500.
Ajmer:182 kilometers
Udaipur:112 kilometers
Bundi:158 kilometers
Bijapur:40 kiklometers
Chittaurgarh's history is laced with such events that still ring a bell in the hearts of the visitors and even those who are sitting far off comfortably in their homes and offices.Chittaurgarh has an unparalleled charm.Early town that was confined within the walls of fort atop a hill,now spreads to the western part of the hill. This new town is known as the Lower Town and has nothing much in specific to allure the tourists.

Chittor's was defeated in the first war which was occurred in 1303 when Ala-ud-din Khilji attacked on it,besieged the fort in order to capture the beautiful Padmini, wife of the Rana's uncle, Bhim Singh. When defeat was inevitable, the Rajput noblewomen, including Padmini, committed jauhar and Bhim Singh led the orange-clad noblemen out to their deaths.From 7th to 16th century A.D.,the Chittargarh Fort, the region known as Mewar, was being ruled by the Sisodia and Gahlot kings. Chittaurgarh during those days used to serve as the capital for these rulers.
Tourist attractions :
Dargah of garib nawaj (Dargah Sharif)
Fateh prakash palace
Taragarh fort
Ana sagar lake
Nasiyan jain temple.
Tourist information:
By air: From Chittaurgarh Indian airlines operates flight to Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Mumbai.
By rail: Chittaurgarh has travel links with major cities.
By road: Chittaurgarh is on the main bus route. By road its well connected with Ajmer and Udaipur. There are frequent connections to these places.
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