Folk music & dances of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is called 'The Land Of Colors". In this life of every Rajasthani the music and dance are intensely embedded. Rajasthan is famous for its tradition dance and folk music. Rajasthani dance are spectacular celebration of life and color and it shows the happiness of their people. The true heritage of the state lies in its folk life of the ample inhabit rural and remote lands. From them echoes the true melodies, which has soothed the heart of people for generations.

After hard work in the harsh desert sun and rocky terrain whenever they take time off they let themselves go in gay abandon. Each region has its own folk entertainment, the dance styles differ as they do the songs, even the musical instruments are also different. The Ghoomar Dance from Udaipur, Kaibeliya dance of Jaisalmer have international recognition. Folk music is a vital part of Rajasthan culture.
Gair ghoomar:
The popular ghoomar is the trait dance of the Bhils although it is but this dance is associated with the royal ladies of Jaipur, who perform it on certain favorable occasions. The reason for that might be that the Bhils and the Jaipur royalty have been close for centuries. The persons dance in a form of circle the rhythm started with slow to high music. music and increasing gradually.
Pabuji Ki phad:
A 14th century folk hero, Pabuji is revered by the Bhopa community. The scroll, which is about 10 metres long, highlights the life and heroic deed of Pabuji. The Bhopas are invited by villagers to perform in their areas during times of sickness and misfortune. The ballad is sung by the Bhopa as he plays the Ravan - hattha and he is joined by his wife who holds a lamp and illuminates the relevant portions at appropriate points.
Puppet show:
This dance is perform by the expert Puppeteers plays based. Displaying his skill in making the puppets' act and dance, the puppeteer is accompanied by a woman, usually his wife, who plays the dholak, or drum and sings the ballad.
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