Jaipur Rajasthan

JAIPUR the "pink city" and colourful capital of Rajasthan, Rajasthan has so many beautiful things to see.The capital of Rajasthan was founded by Swai Jai singh in 1727 A.D. He was a great ruler, but also a renowed mathematician and astrologer. Jaipur is also called as the first planned city of the country. As per the hindu treatise, shilp shastra.It was designed by vidyadharbhattacharya.Jaipur is also called a city of contrasts- the new city has roads in good condition with type of big streets, bazars. This part of town looks very beautiful especially at sunset. Jaipur is also famous for semi-precious stones and the best place to buy them is the Johari Bazar.The jewellery,handicrafts and stones of Jaipur are also very famous.Jaipur is a planned citywhich is made all the more attractive by the pink wash that most buildingsare periodically given.
Area: 64.75 sq kms.
Temperature: Summer Max 45.0 C Min 25.8 C / Winter Max 22.0 C Min 8.3 C
Language: Rajasthani,English,Hindi.
Population: 1974665.
Delhi: 258 kilometer
Ajmer: 131 kilometer
Alwar: 142 kilometer
Jodhpur: 342 kilometer
Jaipur was built in 18th century by Raja Sawai Jai Singh.He had his owm capital in Amber, but when felt that his country was was insecure due to the large population and due to the lack of water he took a decision to amke another capital which was safe from every point of view than he make the Capital named by Jaipur.Jaipur city is famous for its culturals and traditions. Here towerind forts were built as much for ostentation as for intimidating the enemy; and battles were fought by rulers who were great patrons of the arts. Some people say that Jaipur is called the Pink City ambassadors of Prince of Wales visited the city prior to his visit, some simpleton insultingly called them the 'pink-faced monkey', as a result of the contempt for the British that had India under their clutches. To make up for his rashness and as a diplomatic tact, Raja and his ministers maintained that the person had called them so in reverence,as the 'monkey' was worshipped in the region as 'Hanuman' and pink was the sacred color of the region.
Tourists attractions:
Amber fort, City palace, Hawa mahal, Jantar mantar, Ram bagh palace
Tourist information:
By air: Jaipur is well connected to major cities through regular flights of Indian airlines and Jet Airways.
By rail: Jaipur is connected by rail with important trains on its principal networks.
By road: From Delhi, AC and Deluxe coaches leave from Bikaner House, Pandara Road.
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