Kota Rajasthan

In early 17th century, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir,Rao Ratan Singh, the ruler of Bundi gave a smaller part of his kingdom to his son Madho Singh. Since then Kota became a hallmark of the Rajputglamour and culture.The city of Kota is situated at a center of the southeastern region of Rajasthan a very region widely known as Hadaoli the land of the Hadas. Kota lies along the banks of the Chambal river. The historical places and temples are getting surrounded with signs of modern development.Major attractions of the city are the exquisitely carved palaces and well laid out gardens.Kota is a modern industrial areaconsisting many forts, palaces, temples and gardens.
Area: 193.58 sq km.
Temperature: Summer Max 42.6 C Min 29.7 C / Winter Max 24.5 C Min 11.6 C
Language: Rajasthani, Hindi and English.
Agra: 453 kilometers
Ajmer: 201 kilometers
Bikaner: 434 kilometres
Jaipur: 242 kilometers
Jodhpur: 379 kilometers.
The history of the city dates back to the 12th century A.D. when the Hada Chieftain, Rao Deva, conquered the territory and founded Bundi and Hadoti. The history of Kota is linked with the history of Bundi. Both Bundi and Kota came under the rule of the Chauhans in the 12th century. While Bundi was the capital, Kota formed the land granted to the eldest son of the ruler.In 1579 the kingdom of Kota was carved out of Bundi by a ruler of Bundi as a gift for a favourite younger prince, Rao Madho Singh , who is said to have proven himself as a successful and courageous general at the tender age of fourteen.An old palace,dating back to the time when Kota wasunder the control of Hada Chieftaincy-Hadoti faces the Kota Barrage.
Tourists attractions:
Chambel garden, Umed bhawan palace, Rao madho singh ji museum, Haveli of devtaji, Brijraj bhawan palace
Tourist information:
By air: From kota Jaipur is the nearest airport from Kota.
By rail: From Kota there are various railway lines for major cities
By road:So many buses are travel from Kota to various major cities
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